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Vikitech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was not established just to earn profits. At, Vikitech Solutions, we understand that we have responsibilities towards the society that we are living in and for that we have taken a few steps to serve the society in the best possible manner we can. Going out of the way usually does not last for the long. This is the reason; at Vikitech Solutions, we have kept the targets that are compatible with our services. These initiatives do not require any special efforts but will make a big difference to the society in long-run.

At Vikitech Solutions, we have divided our social initiatives in three categories. These three categories assist society at three different levels. It includes help for Individuals, Nation and Boundary less Initiative.



Our social initiative for Individuals covers NGOs in the nearby regions and is named as GO Global Initiative. The base idea behind Go Global Initiative is to provide a helping hand to the NGOs to mark a presence in the virtual world. For this, we provide them Website Designing and Maintenance at nominal cost of Rs. 3,999/- annually. “No hidden or other charges”.

A few names in this list include:

What do you get?

Doing so helps them to reach people across the globe which in turn opens-up the window of getting help from different locations around the world. This initiative includes everything that is required for an impressive website. We provide the following services to them in this budget.

  • On-line Domain registration,
  • Website hosting with 99.99% up-time and highest levels of security,
  • Website designing regardless of the scale of the website,
  •  Database and Security Management of the Website,
  • Annual Maintenance of the website.



Another initiative by Vikitech members is named as Education at No Cost. Under this, Vikitech family members provide Free education to under privileged children. The idea behind this initiative was developed after considering high educational fee for the courses required to step into the corporate world.

At, Vikitech Solutions, we believe that money should not play a constraint in getting education. Education is the basic requirement and should be available for free. Lack of education plays a major role in keeping the nation away from talent. To ensure no stone left unturned within our reach, our employees provide free education at Jagriti Coaching Centre, Faridabad. Doing so helps us to contribute in the education of future of the nation.



Third initiative by Vikitech is for Mother Nature. Being an Indian company we understand the value of relation between human and the Mother Nature and also our duties and responsibilities towards her. Our third initiative is named as Green Globe Initiative. Under this, we ensure use of 130% green energy for our website hosting. We don’t only host our websites run on wind energy, rather we generate more energy than required by our servers and send that energy to grid for use by other people.


Vikitech Solutions is completely different from money making firms. Here, we work for the betterment of the society, at every level, which includes our employees, clients, society, nation as well as the world.

If you have an idea which you think can change the lives of people around you, come to us and we will help you realise that dream by using our technical expertise. If you wish to donate to any NGO or wish to share something, feel free to drop us an email or even chat with us online.

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