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Working at Vikitech Solutions Private Limited is an achievement in itself. We have 3-tier hiring process where your education, skills and enthusiasm is tested to the limit. Finally we select people to work for us who are Highly motivated, dedicated and professional in their work. Every other person is skilled in today’s competitive world, its about having the right motivation to work that counts.


Professionalism is our Forte!



We have highly trained Professionals who work under very strict Quality Standards and Guidelines. Getting a training by our esteemed staff is more than enough for you to get a good job in the field of Website Designing. The level of excellence that we maintain is the key to our success.

We provide Office Training of following courses:

  • HTML & CSS Basics,
  • Advanced HTML5 & CSS3,
  • Php5 & Code-igniter,
  • WordPress & Joomla,
  • Open-cart & Magento,
  • Responsive Website Design,
  • Android & iOS Applications.

Training will be more of Office Training instead of Classroom training. We intend to provide you with Vocational Knowledge instead of textbook knowledge.

What you will get is Classroom plus Lab training along with one Individual demo Project to work on. Vocational skills and techniques will be provided so you can get a job after getting training from us.


Inter-ship is the best way to learn. Working in the office for a period of 1 month or more, during you school/college holidays, is the best way to spend your holidays. Its always helpful to grab a skill in the time you get. The time is limit and exactly the same for everyone. If you can cash on it and learn few more things than your competitors, your are on the path to success. Stop wasting your time and join inter-ship at Vikitech Solutions Private Limited.

We provide Inter-ship for following subjects:

  • Website Development (HTML, CSS & Php),
  • CMS Customisation (WordPress & Joomla),
  • eCommerce Solutions (Magento & OpenCart),
  • SEO & Internet Marketing,

Minimum Requirement includes basic knowledge of the subject you are choosing. e.g. for website development you will need to have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS & Php.

What you will get is to work on live projects with our regular staff, basic guidance and training on how to perform your job efficiently & inter-ship certificate etc.


Vikitech Solutions Private Limited works on very high Quality Standards as per the International Market. It is not a walk in the park to work at Vikitech Solutions. We follow strict routines, procedures and rules to meet the Quality Standards without increasing the costs. The key is efficiency.

The interview procedure starts at the time we give you a call for information of selection and continues till the end of the interview. If you are selected, you will be overwhelmed with the standards we maintain here. In case you wish to apply for a job, you can submit your resume and we will contact you once we have an opening.

Following are the positions available in the company:

  • Graphic Designer (Logo, Graphics & UI style),
  • Website Designer (HTML & CSS),
  • Website Developer (Php & Ruby),
  • Mobile App Programmer (Android & iOS),
  • Marketing Manager (Company’s Marketing),
  • Internet & Social Media Marketeer,
  • Search Engine Optimisers.

Currently we have “no openings” for employment.


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